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PlaytestCloud allows game studios to record real gamers playing their mobile games. Helping studios to reduce churn and drop-out rates while improving FTUE and player enjoyment.

About us

PlaytestCloud provides real insight into the player behavior in your games. Its service has been used for 30% of the Top 100 grossing mobile games.

With PlaytestCloud, players test games in their natural environment and think-aloud while playing. PlaytestCloud captures the screen, microphone, and all gestures to give studios the full picture of how players behave and feel while gaming.

PlaytestCloud adapts its service to fit the game studio's needs. Whatever test needs to be run, PlaytestCloud finds a solution to get the data and results specific to the game's needs.

Game studios have seen benefits such as improved FTUE, better player retention, polished and enhanced game mechanics and lowered churn and drop-out rates.

PlaytestCloud GmbH
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Products and services

Optimize the First Time User Experience
PlaytestCloud allows game studios to test the first gameplay interaction of their game, making sure the players understand and enjoy their first interaction.

Test Concepts, Mock-ups and Prototypes
PlaytestCloud offers surveys and concept tests to allow studios to test their games before investing time and resources into full development.

Diagnose Player Drop-out Issues
With PlaytestCloud’s multi-session and longitudinal studies services studios can watch players interact with their game over a span of time and are able to spot the player retention issues.

Top Security Guaranteed
PlaytestCloud uses an array of technical and legal mechanisms to safeguard the privacy of their customer’s games.

No Assembly Required
Customers will have no need to get the engineers involved, PlaytestCloud's video recording capabilities can be automatically added to all game builds.

PlaytestCloud has the players

PlaytestCloud has a tester pool of over 200,000 players. It’s testers are gamers from casual to hardcore in all ages, genders, devices and even include kids. Pick the kind of players you want and PlaytestCloud will show you how they play your game.

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Gain game insights with PlaytestCloud

With PlaytestCloud game studios receive their results quickly and are able to gain real insights into how players play their games. Game studios have mentioned that they often share their PlaytestCloud videos with the entire team. From the intern to the CEO everyone enjoys watching PlaytestCloud videos and are able to gain valuable insights from them.

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